The following is a summary of how we intend to approach our consultancy with you.


Maren Brown Associates – OUR CONSULTING APPROACH – infographic.
1.Creative: Creativity is at the heart our consulting approach. One of the reasons we love arts management consulting is because it offers arts practitioners the opportunity to take a step back, reflect on their important work, and imagine an innovative and compelling vision for the future.

2.Curiosity: At its core, an effective consultancy is about listening – to the many constituents that shape and inform your work, as well as the staff, board members, and authorizers that are charged with the leadership and management of this work. We bring an essential curiosity to our consulting and deeply appreciate the process of synthesizing multiple perspectives into a workable approach that can fuel your organization.

3.Grounded in research: With an appreciation for rigorous and illuminating research, we integrate analysis from within the arts sector, as well as from other relevant sectors, to inform our work with your organization.

4.Collaborative: We feel that close collaboration is fundamental to our consulting philosophy.  Simply put, we consider you our partner in our unfolding work together. For this reason, we build in multiple opportunities for communication, so that the consultancy actively incorporates your voice and is responsive to the real needs of your organization.

5.A focus on strengths: The fields of asset-based community development, core competency, and strengths-based leadership inform our approach to arts management consulting. We delight in championing your strengths and unearthing your unrealized potential.

6.Measurable: While we appreciate the benefits of data and its uses in informing and assessing outcomes, we are also realistic about the difficulty of collecting data in the day-to-day context of one’s work. For this reason, we collaborate with you on devising simple, intuitive systems that measure relevant indicators.

7.Practical: Each consultancy is a singular, customized engagement, anchored in practical application, and designed to meet the particular needs of your organization.